Christmas Tree Light Stringing Service*

$25.00 price without tax

Need lights added to your Christmas tree? We can add your light string or lights you’ve purchased from us to your Christmas tree! NYC Tree Lady’s “Christmas Tree Light Stringing Service” details:

  • Pricing for this service is per light string at a rate of $25/per string. A light string is defined as the length from one of its plug ends to the other. 
  • This service does not include untangling of your already owned light strings, testing, or repairing of your previously owned light strings. Please make sure your light strings are fully tested and repaired prior to our employees arrival. 
  • Light strings can also be purchased from NYC Tree Lady and this service can be applied to them. Our lights can be purchased on our “Christmas Tree Lights” page.

Call 347.692.5770 to ask about our decorating service and pricing.

Questions? Call 347.692.5770 if you have any questions about the details of our delivery service and pricing.

Enjoy free Christmas tree delivery to Manhattan, hand selected trees cut to order, and support local family farms! Visit our “Other Products & Services“ page to view our wreaths, garlands, lights, tree decorating service and more! Queens, Brooklyn or Bronx delivery is available for $50.00 (included in delivery location pricing).